Day 2 in the Zions

Today we did a gruelling hike up a river through a deep gorge call the Narrows.

The hike is 16 miles long and half your body is submersed in the river for over 8 hrs. Its like some SAS training .

It was a journey to the centre of the earth. The whole time i just thought of food ............ mostly spagetti and meatballs and garlic bread.

At times the canyon which is hundreds of feet high is only 20 to 30-feet wide. It was hard going against the river current in parts.

The sun only managed to reach the canyon floor at a few points. A lot of the day was in darkness

Its another world down here. We crossed the river hundreds of times picking out the best route upstream. In some sections the water rose way above our waists.

In a few years there will probably be a Subway or a Mcdonalds down here.

If there happened to be a flash flood , every single person tromping around in this canyon would literally get completely mushed to peices ............ My vacations are so relaxing it baffles my brains sometimes....

I kept thinking Kong was going to come out of the darkenss snatch up this pair and rip their limbs off. I have odd daydreams !!

My feet looked like E.Ts feet after being in cold water for 9 hours straight ............

I wished i'd taken a photo of them. They looked like someone elses . It kinda ruled.