Battle LA

My commute into town is like descending Yosemite's "El Capitan" on a beach cruiser. 1400 feet straight down on the craziest roads. Its pure mental. At the bottom my back brake is hot to touch and my mouth is filled with bugs i dont know the names of yet.

Imagine hurtling down this back alley in a 60s mustang at full speeds................ beats the reality of milling along on a 70s schwinn at 4 miles per hour

Smells like teen spirit...........

This one photo sums up LA driving. Roads are like space invaders. I may as well be trying to bike in New Delhi

Someones granny on a building........

Everyones a winner at Tang's Donuts.

Saw this web designer going to work

The petina on the old cars out here is incredible.

The honorable Steve Lee

Kutter , Tino and Mae

Solid day in the ring today .............