Today is Christmas. Toughest day of the year for me. Miss my whole family. Its been 18 years since i had a christmas day with the Hill / Ravizza clan. It gets even harder with every year too.

Its 75 degrees outside as i skate down the street passing palm trees and cuctus covered in north pole lights and giant santas. It's so bizarre it cured my homesick brains.

Skated over to visit Tino and Chunk. Major moral boosters right here !!

Decorated tree with xmas action men

This isnt xmas day but its a great wee stocking filler. Charles at work. Huey lewis and the Snooze............

Curtis , Tino and Courtland bring frankincense , budweiser and myrrh to Santa's Grotto.

The xmas club.............

Giant hellos to everyone . Happy christmas to all !!