March 35th part 2

Heres a few still shots from the movie

Some of the good guys and a few baddies !!!

Jon Hall nailed it as Johnny Pilowski aka Lieutenant Numbers . Platoon leader and gambling wizard. Incredible soldier under fire

Introducing Hans Kammler played by Jesse Randall. The young SS assasin hell bent on hunting down the G.Is. Expert in hand to hand combat

Born in Belfast , raised in Brooklyn New York , Eamon Kelly plays Robert O'Hare. This corporal is the platoon's best sharpshooter and the crew's lucky charm......

La Résistance leader Pierre Marcel played by Scotsman Logan Hill . Expert in guerrilla warfare activities and sabotage. Pierre guides the Americans through the darkest forests while Hitler's SS are hot on their tracks

Additional camera work Tom Connors and Jaqueline Marque........shot on various locations on Quidneck Island

Stay tuned for more characters and bad guys...........