Heres some sneak previews of a movie project ive been working on for the last couple of years.......

I always have a whole grip of ideas that never make it to paper but somehow this one developed into something way more grand , and totally ludicrous.

Ive had an idea for a robbery movie set in occupied France during the Second World War in my head for a long time. Originally i'd thought of making a music video around the idea but the more into this project i got it became something bigger . Something i could actually create a whole screenplay for with characters and great locations.

The following characters do not share any viewpoints of the Nazis or the third reich . (they just happen to be buddys with blond hair and blue eyes) That i wrangled into doing this !!

March 35th , take one , part one

The story is about a small German convoy that gets ambushed by a small American outfit deep in the French forest. Within minutes the German squad is annhialated and the G.I's soon discover they are in possession of certain materials of great importance to the Fuhrer. Knowing the Third Reich and SS stormtroopers will be hot on their heels , the American platoon disappear into the countryside and embark on an adventure to escape the enemy which lasts a gruelling 35 days

Lieutenant Johnny Pilowski - played by Jon Hall

Corporal Robert O'Hare - played by Eamon Kelly

Assasin Hans Kammler - played by Jesse Randall

French Resistance leader - played by Logan Hill


Huge thanks to everyone involved in this project. all the actors , Karen and Matt Morgan for the costumes and outfits , Kristen Littlefield who worked on all the backdrops , Dan Benson for the loan of the camera gear , Jacqueline Marque and Tom Conners for 2nd camera crew and to Leppy my landlady for not turfing me out on the street thinking i was some Nazi fanatic while this was all going on .......

More sneak peaks coming soon.........