Im going to try and describe todays events as best i can because i cant even come close to explaining them.

These is a place in the middle of the Redwood forest near Santa Cruz that completely defies gravity. Yes , somehow an area in the shape of a circle roughly 150 feet around has baffled compasses and scientists for years and years.

Heres what i gathered from the story. In the 1920s a guy bought some land but part of his land purchase was to also buy the hillside next to it. No problemos he thought and as he began to develop the land the surveyors couldn't make head nor tail from any of their instraments. After failing to find a level surface they gave up to build further down in the forest. Scientists explored the bizarre area now known as the Mystery Spot and couldn't come up with a solid explanation. Apparently there are over 40 Mystery Spots in the world. The Bermuda Triangle being the most famous one. They couldn't rig up a floating gift shop and snack stand out there so the one in Santa Cruz seems to get all the curious tourists. Those of you who know me or have been following my shitey blog know that im such a sucker for oddities and bizarres. When i heard about this place i honestly had zero idea what to expect. Even after the tour expereince i have absolutely no idea what happened in the forest.

So heres what happened. Get ready for some X-files shite............

For $5 beans you can have your mind totally expanded. Even kids are doing it . Look how eager and keen this wee ginger is . He's rareing to be enlightened.

We all gathered in the dense forest and once the group of about 20 of us were ready the tour guide takes us up a path on the hillside. He showed us the edge of the Mystery Spot and how things were going to get weird the closer we got to the centre. There was a lot of simple mathmatical demos showing that measurements and heights dont mean shite in the zone. The guide showed us how compasses and levels cant funtion. This was all very well and i was sorta looking for my loot back at this point .......Im terrible at maths and dont like being tricked with numbers and graphs.......


........We got inside a ramshackle cabin perched on the mountain side. And all hell broke loose. People were falling all over the place. Once you stepped inside this cabin it was as if you were on a tiny ship getting tossed about in some rought sea's. I cant even explain it. Imagine being straight sober one second and super mangled drunk the next without taking a sip or eating a wizard. It was insane . It was like magnets were pulling us all over the place but the direction we wanted . Anyways. As our group entered the shack everyone lost it . 20 people all staggering , swaying and falling all over the shop. It was pure bananas. I had all kinds of old indian people grabbing for my clothes and arms . That alone was weird even without the anti gravity bollocks going on. It took a little bit before everyone learned to navigate inside the space cabin.

Once semi settled , the tour guide showed us strange illusions of balls rolling upwards and pendulums swinging only one direction....... Ps hes standing straight up by the way. Yeah dont ask. I have no bloody idea what the effs going on in here.

The pendulum had us all fooled. The powers in this shack were so strong people were feeling sick. mega dizzy and nautious.

Not for us though. Its a full on Space Vacation. Jay Dog gives his gravity boots a test

Standing as normal as i possibly could while the Tijuana basketball team struggle to keep it together.

These are the indians that grabbed my arms , my neck and my shorts..........

Harooo . Roook Roook at me. Crazieeee Rog Cabin. Ahahaa. This guy ruled. He's a beleiver

I was fuckin experienced today man !!! I have no idea what the hell is going on in this forest but man i was affected. Made me hungry as hell too.

I think theres a spacecraft buried under the mountain and its radars and gizmos are messin with things up above . Who knows what it is . Even the trees surroundig the cabin cant figure it out. All the redwoods and eucalyptus dont know which way to grow. The trunks are all twisted and corkscrewed while the other trees on the outside of the Mystery Spot are totally straight. Im baffled . Thank christ i wasnt hungover for this attraction. That might have been way too much on my fragile brains.

Im sold on this place. Go here and have your head completely opened up sideways.........

Where the fuck are Agents Skully and Mulder when you need em?????

Also - this spot is no longer a mystery . Im blowin the hell out of this joint on the blog cabin.