Getting high again in San francisco

Phenominal chicanes. What a rad word chicane is too .

Tourists rule. This french couple were especially top notch.

He mustive tried the jump about 20 times while his french hen failed to capture it 20 times. Then he'd get all french guy stroppy on her , yelling in France talk and generally making a scene. It absolutely ruled .

I couldnt understand a word this frog was saying (even after studying french for 4 years) but i got the general jist that he was a total dick.

Me and a whole bus load of Japanese had a grand time watching Zoot Alors hopping around like a big shitty frog

Checked out some Bode originals at a gallery on Haight st

Bear country

Down at Red's

On my way home i crossed through the asshole reservation. Dolores park has become a refugee camp for hip shitheads. What picnic. "Oi who stole my shit sandwich?"

I'd rather be at Burning Man than the too cool for school class outing.

Noche time at the Dogpound

Angel dust in the skies. Laser beams shooting in the night . Lyric wise !!

Insomnia self portrait around 4am

Tomorrow on the road again - Back to El Ay