Deep in the valley of Lil Compton..........

It's like rewinding time 40 years out here

American farmlands

Big Willy's circus and extravaganza.

Giant photo of some unknown rubber soldier , surfing at Pixie Sticks which is across from Snorkels next to the real heavy break called Ham Sandwiches

"Surf for a Cause" ringmaster Willy

Travis is going to be the most epic 90 year old geezer one day.

Atticus Artimus is a cobbler from Italy now

Found the infamous Wizard Smoke after years of searching the coastlines. His beach barrio shanty has taken a major pulverising in the last storms.

Always smiling this laddie. High quality manolo !!

Crazy Horse tells some Lil Compton folk lore for the crowd.

Adam and Nadia

Good times with the Team Squirrel crew and the rest of the Lil Compton familys. Surf for a Cause is a killer time even if theres no lobsters...................i ate a peach that was delicious though !!