While on my visit back east i'd been dying to visit one place. It's been on my mind for ages. I couldnt wait . This place is basically the dog version of six flags . Its called the Wiggle Room. Its where dogs go to have the best time on earth. I called up the owner Mia and literally had superfan torrets. I told her im the Wiggle Room's biggest fan on planet earth. I became borderline weirdo fan out guy whos tongue couldn't keep up with his brains. She mustive thought i was bananas. Especially as she knows i dont own a dog and never have.

Anyhows i got the green light to visit and i sat in my apartment for days counting the minutes like a teenage japanese girl waiting on Michael Jackson tickets..........

As i walked into the Disneyland for pooches i already couldnt contain myself. It was beyond epic . 20 dogs of all shapes and sizes ran to the lobby to greet me with smiles and jumps and super bro vibes . It was phenominal. It was like greeting a kindergarten class and every kid trying to talk at once . I got mauled by dog love in seconds. Id been inside the place 4 seconds . Maybe not even long............

The whole class went berzerkers to say hellos

Then all kinds of epic wrestling broke out. Instanly there were 5 different battle zones.

Every dog was going mental - racing around and super wrangling . It was like being at a kiddie playpark and all the kids on the jungle gym are guzzling red bulls

Well almost all the kids were racing around .

As i wandered through the pack of total nutcases i found my favorite wee guy in the class. I forget his name but i think he was rescued from Mexico somewhere. He ruled.

If we were at Magic Mountain this chair would be the raddest roller coaster in America

Oh hi bros.

Watching ten dogs try to climb up the slide all at once had me in tears. I could've watched this all week.

Every half a second there was a new thing to laugh at . Someone in the class was always up to something pretty fucked up.

It was like being at a punk rock show where they only served dry cheerios. Basically a cereal mosh pit from 9 to 5

Ohhhhhh pick me pick me......... !! Pleeeease pick me ...............

Just like in real school theres always a quiet skinny wee guy off to the side. I wondered if i was cos the rest of the class didnt speak spanish.

I hung out for a while until my sides hurt from laughing and you could've made a jacket out of the amount of dog hair on me.

Go check out @thewiggleroomri on instagram. Its honestly the only thing worth checking out on that bloody shite.........