Breakfast at Forty Steps

Oi sunny !! get yer fiery arse back pure freezin mah swingers off likesay !!!

Chocolate Punisher , Missing Linko and Johnny Jamestown hold up the walls of Waterbrothers while we wait for a professional carpenter to arrive .........

Hope and Henry gettin wicked Hammered

Zero progress on my bobber...........i need an motor me if you have any interesting motors out there

Tres hermanos de Randall

Watched the opening scene to Saving Private Ryan at Danager's cinema with about 25 other maniacs........there was a humongous cheer from the audience when the first nazi gets blasted to was way better than watching baseball !!!!

The Victor is almost finished...... again!!!

Clinton rides his Triumph very similar to the way Fred Smith rides his - Its a real treat to witness....Total ride the lightening style -