Hollywood Squares .............

This is Dennis. Dennis is from outer space . I forget the planet he lives on but occaisonally he comes down to earth to get more duct tape to fix his space suit and to get dog food

He drives around Hollywood in his Japanese spaceship thats filled to the brim with every single nik nak and tupperware earth has manufactured.......

His space suit is a state of the art compression chamber. His meat and potatoes were so jammed up in his outer space trousers he had upside down camel toe.... it was the best. Old crushed spaceballs. I dont think breathable fabrics have been invented on Dennis's planet yet .

The mysteries from every corner of the universe........... 3.1 gigwatts of helmet right here !

Christian showed up to the shop on his latest atom bomb. This bike is the sickest bike i have seen in years............

Noon time on Fairfax is a perfect time to remake Rambo First Blood ......... The old Jewish hens grocery shopping had no idea what to make of a motorcycle flying along the sidewalk on one wheel.

When the lads in Weird Science created the perfect woman with Kelly Lebrock . This is basically the motorcycle version of her ................... or if Kate Moss was a motorbike !!

Supreme Team

Andrew Allen slides through Hollywood faster than Dennis's spaceship

"anyone got a space helmet with a calculater on it ?"

Styles for miles with this manny

Epic day - Dennis went back to his planet - No one was injured in the chase scene from Rambo and skating was so bloody fun today !!