Found a ton of pics of when i was a wee laddie , runnin aboot climbing trees and smashin windaes !!

The stage of my life when my heid was way more massive than my body. This stage lasted a number of years. Super top heavy melon brains balanced on some tiny tiny getaway sticks for legs.

Our family car was the Citro├źn 2CV from the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only" . This car was the absolute bee's knee's !!

Apparently i drove a whole lot more at aged 7 than i do now. Me ma giving me driving lessons somewhere in bonnie Scotland

I'm pretty sure i can still fit into this flannel

Way ahead of the somalians. 1986 halloween pirate gear with my wee brother Calum as count dracula. I dont remember ever seeing a pumpkin in Scotland so we carved turnips for our lanterns....... they look like shrunken heads when they start to get old and rules !! I love my brothers vampire mustache. Nice touch !!

Getting awsome in my old neighborhood. Me and my pops built my first bmx from parts we found in the rubbish. This bike was so ace , almost as good as my steet attire


More photos from the Scottish Wonder Years tomorrow !!