Today one of my greatest friends got married ...........

I infultrated his mums hoose and managed to snag this gem of a photo . ............Teak when he used to be a german. I love the pretend forest behind him

I peddled Zoe to the alter on the ruled ..........the bike was so sketchy and awsome .........

Both Zoe and Teak looked great and the location on the rocks at Tuckermans was perfect

Bella favorite

She was so damn cool while her pops got hitched

The ceremony was beautiful out on the rocks

Zoe and her sister Lucy are both from Nova Scotia - which is fancy for New Scotland

The groomsmanny and the lads

Thomas Crown's bird Kendra totally aced the wedding cake

Crowd were hyped on the cake cutting

Frank the Tank ,,,,,Beller and Weller were more hyped on the actual cake

Even pirates take a day off here and there...Harry and his mechanical centipede

TK and Alden


Its a is married !!!!!!

Congrats ......TK and Zo

You guys looked so rad out there today !!!!!!!!