The sun sets slowly over Belmont Beach

Hundreds gather at Shep's monument to greet the army of surfers returning from the ocean

On a carpet of pure white stones, a thousand messages are scribed in so many different languages

Let there be fire in front of your million dollar ocean view

Massive thanks to Sargent

World famous Joe McGovern from ESM surfing magazine

Package with his Apeman tee and Tanno with his tux in Shep's honor

Tora , Luke and Ruggles

Restless Natives

As the sun disapeared behind the city. We lit off some fantastically unsafe rouge chinese fireworks , cleaned up the beach , said our cheerios and in the darkness the massive crowd wandered off in all directions.

Today was proof of the loyalty and the unique brotherhood of the people of this community. I felt very proud to be a member of it !!

Travel well Shepper. Enjoy the endless buffets of food in heaven amigo.

I will miss you everyday. OWB4LIFE