Wake n break is how i start my days now. Rise and shine and then minutes later break one of my phenominally reliable vintage 2 wheeled hunks of mierda. It's the best !!

They're filming the remake of 28 Days Later in my neighborhood today. Ghost town situations all morning . Lil Brazil is never this quiet. Ever !! Wallmart must be having a special on at the moment.

Lennox sized up my skull as i opened up shop. He loves Scottish twinkie snacks........

My back yard is definately one of the more convenient places the Triumph has broken down in. Super handy. There were great facilities at this rest stop. Shower , tunes , laundry and epic snacks .

I'm using the ectoplasm trap from Ghostbusters to charge up my bike as i sip on cool foreign drinks from Leppy's truck stop

The turbo mushroom is the most solid feature on this sled. Very happy on the performance levels !!

More on america later ............

That night i found myself at a concert with 5000 hostile drunk old white people. It was great !!

Opening night of the Newport Jazz Festival , held at the Tennis Hall of Fame.

I forget this young geezers name , but he could certainly tickle the ivories. He wailed on the grand piano. (is that even correct? I think people can wail on the drums , wail on the guitar but whats shredding on a piano called? Anyways this guy nailed it !! )

Dr John is into Voo-Doo, you can tell instantly as he padded onto the stage. I could tell he's chopped up some chicken feet and waxed up some shrunken heads in his days . The dude is heavy. I wished i'd got a photo of his fantastic alligator shoes.

Huge thank you's to Mark for the box seats and the bottomless jokes all night.