Went over to the 37 Chambers Of Death Laboratory to see a new band in the makings

The lads were in aggresive perfector modes. Speed metal with no bus stops.

Dueling guitars D Stank and Nikey Mikey.......Tj on the boom slap kicks

Blazing riffs

TJ ripping around his new set of wheels

Practice rooms are the best. Totally soundproof treeforts for dudekids to get awsome in. I loves it . Its a hard thing to find in Newport. This space is perfect. Nikey cymbaleisers in the Chirpa Chambers

TJ belts out a tune while the infamous Alien keeps moral sky high in the back ground

The American Portuguese social club

One flew over the Coopers Nest on the mic

Full line up with Miggs on bass

The American dream. Play loud, fast with lots of beer on your own property...............best feeling ever !!