This post is a jumble of a few random days in Newport and the giant turkey massacre day that i'm still wrapping my Scottish brain around .............

Orlando the Main Mando

Weldy weld face

Afterwards i went to Orlando's custom cell phone and detailing shop. He added some extra crystals to my i phone . Now i can call the Ping Islands for free anytime i want . Gracias hermano !!

Senor GG and Michael. My favorite little tacos ............

Eric Edwards made a guest cameo appearance in town. He tattooed this famous birds foot one time. Her name was Britney Spears. The day after her tattoo she was seen frolicking in the Caribbean ocean . Hashtag she got nae brains !!

Waterbrothers - Surf , Sport and Best Hats Ever with Package .

Away in a manger - Midgie of the 401K and his epic wee sprout - Brooklyn

Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys had a daughter .

Stage gear and rock ensembles with Tooth

Today is thanksgiving .

I froze my 2 scottish hams sitting on the cement bleachers as Roger's High School Vikings take the win.........

The Daily New's star quarter back - Jacqueline .

I still dont understand thanksgiving or american football. I know one involves an invasion then a massacre of turkeys and the other involves tons of stops n starts and every so often Steven Tyler performs at the half way point.

Tomorrow everyone will be outside Target and Best Buy in the freezing cold waiting for the doors to open to stampede their way into buying a toaster or a fuckin kindle for wholesale prices. I think Black Friday is the best of all the American traditions. Its perfect. You dont even have to give anyone a present . Its all about taking. Taking no prisoners too. You can trample your fellow man or woman and its A ok as you rush for that flat screen TV on sale. Its not a complete tradition until somebody gets tazed too. Even the name rules - Black Friday. Has the coolest name of all the fiesta days. Im a huge fan !! I waited all night in the cold with my sleeping bag and thermal undies and scored the most amazing deals on some 5 packs of black tube socks and incredible deal of a lifetime on some 3 packs of white tees. I only recieved one black eye and the most intense dead leg too!! All in all i'd say i nailed it shopping wise .

Black n Blue friday rules see you all next year !!

Kids are fascinated and horrified (but mostly fascinated) by beards. Maru looses his marbles in Major Tom's ginger chin forest while Rocket waits patiently for his turn to touch the beard.

I'd like to thank America for giving us Peter Randall. Best dude ever award !! Here he teaches his assburgers son Rocket how to make the perfect Oyster shooter.

Cheers to everyone - Were really doing it !!!