Back in Rhode Island for a wee second..........

I own one living thing. I've had this palm tree for years. His name is Robert Plant. He drinks a glass of tap water once a week. He rules. I find myself talking to him at times. I dont even think of buying any other plants cos Robert would be miffed. He's a rad pal. We hang . I have absolutely no idea how long he'll live for . I hope ages. He's too awsome.

...........If you live alone for years, this is totally normal lunatic behavior.

A very icey but calm - Moonrise Kingdom

Higgins aka Poop Lion .

Deserts are very cold at night and also bloody baltic in mid January. Tracking some beasts across the wastelands

Dogs are great. An entire desolate beach for 5 miles in every direction and they wrestle and run in circles directly under your feet. Same in summer. They will come out of the ocean and find the only other person sunning on the beach and shake off the salt waters right on top of them. It's endless antics. I love it . Until the moments where you only brought 1 bag and the shites keep coming. The unexpected 2nd mierda really throws a spanner in the works. You have to just make a dash for it. Hope to god no one see's you . That move is harder in New york City to pull off. Me and higgins have become the Houdini's of the 2nd-shit-no-xtra-bag routine. I gotta remember 2 bags. All those double rations i've been giving him he's like a right regular cadburys factory.

I remember it being so rediculously cold at this moment. The wind chill was brutal enough to whisk and eskimos swingers clean off......

Is it an oxymoron to be at the beach when the temperatures are in the teens?