Road carnage up at the Warthog Nest

Watched this monster blaze across the intersection into oncoming traffic and almost take out half a tree........"1 800 how's my driving? " Pure shite pal !!

Later on that day over at the Randall funhouse we got the "mule" out for a wee blaster

Rocket drove while my pops cracked up the whole time. The "mule" is a sure fire party hit

My dads got tremendous tales and stories. Non stop adventurings

Randall relics

Back in Leppyland the crew say cheerio to Graham. Cousin Lucy , Sam aka Aussie Ozborne and Leppy

Some Ivy league stuff

Africa time

Didnt want my pops to leave. It was real grand times having him here. If anyone is galavanting around Europe and you make it up to Edinburgh Scotland look him up . His tours are aces !!