The weather really shifted gears last few weeks. Its blazering hot. I could fry an egg on the spoiler of my Iroc-Z if i had one ..........

Seconds after the sun creeps over the canyon its all engines firing with the ovens

I never owned a car in my life but i really love the old sun faded vehicles out here. The weathered paint jobs are incredible.

Climbed up to the Hollywood letters today. The 45 foot letters were dragged up by mules in 1923 and the sign originally read Hollywoodland , but the land part was destroyed over time and never replaced.

In 1940 the caretaker of the letters while driving drunk rolled his model A off the cliff and completely took out the letter H. Both letter and car were totalled. In 1978 Hugh Hefner of Playboy magazine organised a committee to overhaul the entire sign. Nine donors gave $27 000 each to rebuild the sign. Hugh Hefner owns the Y , Alice Cooper an O and Warner Brothers also an O.

In 2005, the original 1923 sign was put up for sale on eBay.

Seanie Hellfire is in town from New York City. Meakle street reunion with J Dogg.

The lettermen arrived to shut down the lads. So we scarpered into the bush.

Nothing has had water in months and months up here.

Tree of the dead. As we approached we could see the turkey vultures perched in the shade.

Underneath the tree was a beach chair and a toolbox. We gingerly opened the box. I have to say i had no idea what was within. I figured some scorpions or a starving pissed off rattler ........ or if we were really unlucky a severed hand with MS 13 tattooed on it . In LA anythings possible. Inside the box were hundreds of poems. Semi relieved but more disappointed than anything. It was like fiding a box of John Mayer lyrics in the middle of the desert. Pure shite !! I want a refund.

Rock pancakes sizzle in the midday sun

After hiking we went down to Known Gallery on Fairfax to see the 20 Years of Girl Skateboards exhibition. Brought back so many memories of skating back in Bristo Square in Edinburgh with all my old homies.

Hundreds of boards on display from one of the best skateboard teams of our time...........