Heading up into the jungles.............

Through all the valleys of terraced rice paddys

These farmers wade in shin high water all day long . Tending to their crops. I wanted to ask them about leeches and snakes and whatever other critters live in the muddy water out there...... But i didnt want to walk out into the mud.........

We drove far up to Trunyan village along the banks of Lake Batur. This is the last village tucked away hidden at the end of a really crazy road. The village was the poorest i'd seen yet. It looked like a bomb went off 30 years ago and the village hadnt managed to get back on its feet still . The people were in bad shape too. Ashy grey complextions and constantly begging for money. The garbage was piled high everywhere and the open sewage running everywhere. It was like their Sankara stone had been removed by the local Thuggee cult.

Amongst the poverty kids still shine through....... This gang were amazing......... They came at me so fast i didnt even notice the little girl shitting into the lake till later

This poor little girls number two time was bombarded by the indo power ranger squad ............ Look how bummed she is .......... shes all "man you muthafuckas never give me a minute"

My gang ruled

Underneath the canopy of the jungle. Still sweltering hot.

" Theres something out there and it aint no man "