The Luke Randall Experience -

If Hunter S Thompson had a DJ , it would definately be this guy.......

Scientific singalongs and experiments

Half way during Luke's radiowave showcase the stage erupted and the crowd went bananas . From behind all the transmitters and maps , like a tall Robin Williams from the Birdcage , out burst Von Chipper in the most outragous gear situations. His transvestite vectors were off the charts. The crowd lost their marbles as he peacocked and paraded along the stage.

The room went berzerkers as Von Chipper strutted around like a big awkward flamingo

Rocky Horror blasting on the record player at full volumes........

After hibernating for the entire winter my eyeballs were not exactly ready for these kind of bizarre vibrations .

It was total entertainment. Disturbingly phenominal performance.

This website is off to a blistering start for the last year on earth. Walls of dead animals scraped off the side of the road and transvestites galore.

Dont worry - Square Go's is still free all year !!