Wake up time today was a tough procedure. I did the open eyeballs and scan the room for familiarities. In the correct house? check ! Blankets and pillows? check ! Then the standard rundown of electronics and banking - Phone , camera , wallet , keys , pants , undies , face...........all check!! Not bad considering a total loss of 3 hrs of my life last night. With the checklist all aced i could lay back down and relax and really enjoy the grand feeling of my tongue feeling like radioactive gravel and everytime i moved my head , the fantastic shooting lightning rods piercing my scrambled brains. These are champion times but bahjesus this one is a crippler. I laid motionless for ages as my Jägermeister fermented mouth got so dry my teeth felt all chaulky. The kitchen felt like an eternity away , i dreamed of flying to Switzerland to get a whole kit of new blood in me. Keith Richards style.

This is the epic scene from my leather bed. Its like a giant plasma TV that just shows tropical shows.

Feeling semi alives i wandered around the neighborhood. I was feeling pretty champion about all performances of the previous night when the party gods laid down the hammers of punishment and judgement. You think you escaped unscaithed but no. Theres always a price to pay. In todays case my camera was the object of the wrath. Every single button on my beloved camera was frozen solid. Caked in Jäger. The blackest , stickiest, thickest party substance out there. Fuckin lovely times. I blame the Germans and their awful drink creation..........My entire camera looked like i pulled it out of the tar pits. Just my luck. I couldnt have spilled a nice epic tonic water on it or a refreshing sparkling vino. No it had to be the elks blood. The bastard black oil....... Oh how evil you are in so many ways. Jägermeister i curse thee. I walked back home and powerhosed my camera as best i could but zero of the doo daa's and special move buttons work now. It took me ages just to get the shutter button to press down. I knew i didnt get off from partying scott free. The reaper always collects. Usually he prefers cell phones and credit cards , but he dont give a fuh. He'll take anything and everything.

After i wiped about 1.5 shots of the shitty Germanic potion off my camera i was partially ready to hit the pavements again

I explored the streets behind where im staying. The houses here are amazing and completely different from anything ive seen in Los Angeles. They reminded me of houses in Georgia or New Orleans.

This is the house famous from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I bet the neighbors were like "AW SHITE THEY MUSTBE FILMING ANOTHER BLOODY MOVIE NEXT DOOR. LOOK AT THE FREDDY KRUGER MONSTER ON THAT STUPID LOOKING BICYCLE" ......... I hadnt looked in a mirror yet today but im pretty positive i looked like a right dogs dinner !!

This neighborhood had so much old LA history and weight to it .

Everywhere i looked it looked like a movie setting. Each house was very different and none were pristeen. Most were in just the right amount of wear and tear to look cool. Like a really well worn in old leather jacket.

I'd live on this street in 2 seconds.

This is the house from the Michael Jackson video shoot Thriller. Its so damn rad. Even the huge tree was kinda creepy

Thriller photo courtesy of the magical internet and those wizards at Google

I fell in love with the streets here

So many hidden haunted houses and old fashioned manors

A lightening storm or a really brilliant tree hangover blasted the top right off this tall palm tree. His neck was all char-grilled at the top section. "I know how you feel pal"

Maps to the skaters homes available now !!!