The WB day time show - Now airing on all channels .

One of these guys eats 60 foot waves for breakfast and the other eats 1 foot long veggie grinders from Subway............. Guess who and win a years supply of free advice from Dennis the Cabbie !!

Ian Walsh and Package with the all seeing , almighty black skully

The guests on the today show were non stop. Leah Lopez dropped by for the daily fashion report and gossip column.

Nod Stewart - Takes a Nappetite for destruction as we break for commercials

Huey Lewis and the Snooze thought the WB dressing room would be a safer more hidden place to have a nice 40 winks but Bad Brains lit him up with the giant budweiser alarm clock

On safari

VC on the ridge !!

This one is for the birds !!

Found my godson Maru out on third beach eating trucks .............

While he munched on his vehicles i grilled up his shoes..........

Grilliam Tell .......... Claus is a professional barbeque manny

Orlando Main Mando and his family , Senor Olympico and Veronika.......... Guatemala numero uno !!

Teak's got awsome Tom Cruise hair in the Last Samarai movie going. Mini Master and Commander pony tails ..........

Jonathan and Maru are gonna be epic beach buds growing up but i can tell one is gonna be covered in sun block and the other is gonna be the color of mahogany . This isnt a contest . The prize budget at Squaregos can only afford one contest every few years.... Stay tuned !!