Saturday night in the Billy Goodes sweltering oven of rock n roll.

First time seeing MEDS for me.

There was some good violence during the opening slot. I like these mannys.

Eddie Rap Life told some stories in a rhyming style

After a 20 year beard growing hibernation - The Loud Ones are back. The ultimate east coast skate punk outfit with Metal Man and Fred Smith III at the helm.

The lads came out in a blitzkreig of sound. Loud and fast . Dino drum life and Freddy bass life

Brian dosn't have a huge wizard beard but is the same height as the rest of the band , so it all works

Metal Man

Mike beard life

Like a hail of tracer bullets The Loud Ones blazed through skate anthems at break neck speeds

The Loud Ones are back. Great show. You couldve cooked a pizza on the floor of Billy Goodes it was so hot in there. After the show i left and skated to 7/11 , bought a bag of ice and wore it on my head for the rest of the journey home.

Skateboarding , wee guys with beards and Rock n Roll . Good shite !!