Happy Forth of Julys .............

I wish there were monkeys in Los Angeles

Cherry poster in the back streets

The Tin Man and Jordino

Vermont lads...... The Brothers Razo ~ Tino , Andre and Marc. Top Boys right here !!

Today is family day ........ Jordino , Blu and Alex . This crew absolutely rules !!

The Hawaiian Outsiders ~ Courtland , Sage , Tino , Sean Pablitos , Lego and Cash

Today is the day Will Smith saved America from an invasion of Alien spaceships . So we all went to the beach to celebrate and blow stuff up !!

Golf cart Stylemasters ~ Sean Pabs and Sage

The remains of the best illegal firework display i have ever witnessed. The Tin Man really nailed it this year. He almost blew up half the beach and it absolutely ruled.

Best forth ive had in evers. Sorry i didnt snap too many photies i was too busy diving for cover ..............