The annual Fort Adams Classic Car and Motorcycle show is today. The entire crew has been working overtime to get the fleet of motorbikes ready for the show. For me it's a total success if the Triumph makes it the whopping 4 miles to the event.

Space tiger out at Brenton Point

I still have no idea how this geezer flies 3 kites at the same time. It's almost annoying !!

We broke the TFL rccord books today. Everyone who attempted to ride their machine to the show , actually made it through the gates and onto the lawn. Much to the horror of the old guys and the car show pros. Smoke , backfires , insane idling , no form , total butcher shop but it absolutely ruled. We parked our bikes and preceded to fill out all the paperwork wrong. Judges had a field day with me. My categories were all effed up. I had no idea it was so serious. I was still high from arriving in one piece and after a good "once over", I was satisfied nothing had fallen off the Triumph on the way here.

Chauncey and Rocket

Martys Harley

The Bead Master General's bike

Damon's Honda

This epic chap rode pretty far with a life sized bearded biker mannequin in his sidecar. I used the phrase life sized and not life like because his paper mache travelling companion looked ridiculous.

The entire day was pretty laughs. Old codgers wanted to jaw all day about nuts n bolts the price of hamburgers and use the words "good turnout " over and over . Anyways after a while on the lawn we saddled up and headed out for a run on the ocean Drive. The locktite gods smiled upon us today. As we left the arena i preyed and literally whispered to my bike as we snaked slowly through the hundreds of vintage cars , trucks and bikes. "oki just fuckin dont backfire , stall , blow up , die , drop a muffler " " Cmon trusty triumph you fantastic bastard of a machine get me through this huge crowd of snobby mechanics with their million dollar polished turds" . These are the talks me and my faithfully unfaithful bike have together . It's the best. I grit my teeth and hope the back wheel dosn't fall off as my crew behind me yell " hey logs your back wheel looks really wobbly that oki? " ........."oh that yeah dont worry about that. im up front frying other fish " .

We made it out and onto the open roads and it felt great.

Back up at Waterbrothers - I caught The Man who Fell to Earth texting his way through sunday


Later that day i get a random phone call from Johnny Records. it went something like this ------

Johnny Records - Hey man im out here at this car show and they're calling your name you gotta trophy here

Me - Hahahahaha yeah right motherfucker good one . What category i win? most likely to not make it home?

Johnny Records - Nah man you won something. where are you ?

Me - Im at this fashion show watching Rocket's guts crammed into leather pants . It's epic you should see this

Johnny Records - What i cant hear you ! Nah man You won 2nd place in the cutom bike division. You want me to pick up your trophy?

I felt bad i left Johnny Records hanging on the phone because i had totally passed out on the floor !!

The next day i recieved the worlds most bootleg plaque i have ever seen. Weeks later im still very proud and but mostly confused.

Car and bike shows are fun but leaving them is funner !!