September 11th

A flag for every soul lost in the twin towers

It was an amazingly haunting scene on the pacific coast highway. 1000s of flags in the wind.

I can remember exactly what i did that day.......... like it was yesterday.

On the way to Delhi we stopped at Pankot Palace.

This place was pretty mindblowing . You could hear a pin drop. It was death quiet in the Temple of Doom

Kali Maa Kali Maa . A thuggee servent gets ready for a good ol sunset sacrifice.

............Speaking of human sacrifice.

Matthew covers himself in bbq sauce and simmers at 450 degrees. Rotating occasionally until lightly crisped.

At the TFL limo service - We guarantee you might make it to your function or red carpet event. Just might !!

3 Wheeled cars are the new energy savers. Go green n shite !!