Not only does Iggy have the sickest bowl in his backyard but he also has the absolute best swamp you could ever own .......... This place is the bee's knees

The "swamp walk" foot path is scarier than walking on a tightrope suspended between two skyscrapers. A homemade maze network of floating planks and crates winding through the heaviest thickest bog you could imagine.

Some (most) of the planks move under any weight or movement and the steamy waters seep over the path making them mucho mucho slipperys. It all adds to the intrepid adventurings and constant threat of landing into the dark waters

The path zig zags through the dense bogs . Its bloody amazing and full of pitfalls

Heavy Metal Henry navigates through the jungles without spilling a drop of his beer

Tooth brought his gatoraid for the arguous journey. One smart Naturist

The whole time were out there we could hear giant bullfrogs belching and sploshing around........

At the end of the swamp trail theres a killer wee shrine , gang hut for weary travellers to rest in. We hung here for a while listening to the jungle critters

Hats off to Tommy Jolt who somehow built this engineering marvel.............

I looked on ebay when i got home to see if anyone was selling a used swamp...... I want one !!