Got invited to check out a game of skate the other day up the street.

Sidewalk was packed with tons of wee amigos ready to shred it up.

Weeding out the el ninos in the first rounds

During the contest there was all the usual banter and cracking on bros

I was so hyped to see so many kids skating the jankiest set ups . Soggy cereal decks and triangle wheels , but man they were killing it ....I love that shite !!

I forget what this stunt was but i ran it anyways...."its in the hops" .

Fabio walks his hen up the road past leftovers all looking good

This cat killed it. rad style

Here is a great example that Mexicans love street pajamas too . I thought it was just white American college kids....... Actually its more fitting - The word pajamas sounds mexican...... it roughly translates into "shit why change into trousers im only gonna sleep in em later on tonight "

This guy was the fuckin bee's knee's. He showed up to the contest in a total whirlwind. Flying down the street wearing an Exploited t shirt and carrying a Corona tall can. He reminded me a little of a mexican version of Chago aka Chad Rose but he was just like the Frog Brothers in the Lost Boys movie . This dude was killing it on all levels. I was having a major fan out cos he was ruling like a punk rock avalanche descending on a small quiet town below . He introduced himself as Snaketits and i lost my mind.........Absolutely pure champion !!

He halted the show to ask if he could head home and grab his tape deck to blast some tunes to get the show rolling but that didnt happen and he got knocked out in the first round anyways . Here hes questioning the judges and generally the whole scene....My kinda amigo right here !! He grabbed his beers we talked about The Exploited for a mili second and he was off down the road.... Snaketits is the fuckin man !!

Back to the flips n stuntwork

It narrowed down to a skilled few and the rest of the kids that got knocked headed off to snort pixie sticks and listen to the Ramones backwards

This was the secret weapon that won . He didnt speak the entire contest. Reminded me of a young Weibust. Silent hill type ripper

Anyhows he nailed it cos his footwork was the best on the block that day and hopefully he got some new gear to destroy

The gang ..........

Mucho thank yous to Maintain for hosting and getting everyone fired up. These Michael J Dudes are totally doing it right !!