After getting booted from the Art Auction we went to the Portugese Hair Convention over at Leah Wolfs new apartment

Brandi Rhoads gives Jay's fishy locks a good groom sesh

7pm is the new 3am...........

While Cooper slept like a homeless man in the corner Jay took centre stage with magnificant flair and moves.

Excellent use of the room . Extra points for massive use of chinese hot sauce and wee Rooster.

A cheese pizza arrived and the vapors woke up Cooper. It was like he received a bolt of lightening. He went from straight dead to beyond alive in milli seconds.

The crowd await his next move.

The Juggernautbitch and Tooth

This is momentos before these two literally got the pulp beaten out of them in the driveway. It was mental . All i heard was "can someone hold my stuff while i whoop these dudes" and within micro seconds this happened ..................

All the way Jay got charged and threw these two like rag dolls around the driveway. It happened so fast the crowd were more stunned than the attackers. Full on WWF , Kimbo Slice meets Godzilla. I was so blown away by the sheer display i totally forgot to help the lads wounded on the ground. Tooth laid there completely silent like a sleeping outdoorsman while Cooper groaned and pleaded for mercy. It was pure bananas.

Coop - "Yo man take my stuff dont hurt me " ...............

Tooth just waking up from the savage beating.

I wouldve tangled with Jay when he was a chef but now that hes a fisherman hes entered a new bracket of dude. Fishermannys are completely gnar. Sayings like "yeah i moved 50 000 pounds of cod today , basically translate into "You try anything and i'll mash you into the ground real quick style "

My sides hurt from laughing so hard but not as hard as getting slammed by a gravel driveway.

Part 3 -Were bringing Cooper to the Pelham .......... coming up !!