Doing some Marty Mcfly stuff this week on the ol bloggers delight. Did some time travellings and picked up a 70s film camera. A killer wee rangefinder to get back into the swing of shooting film. Something ive been wanting to do for years now. I loves my digital camera but i needed a change.

Here are the disasterous results...........

My neighbor Brutus

Brutus looks like he's from the 70s ..........The only thing missing is the rounded edges on the photos ...Did they even have pitbulls in the 70's? I have no idea??? Seems too harsh a dog for the hippys and gangster rap music hadnt been invented yet so none of the blackmannys had em .....Who knows when pitbulls were born ?? Send all answers somewhere cool to win a dinner for 2 at Boston Pigeon

"Run......... its the pink guys" Provincetown's scariest !!

Charlie standin tall.......... Cheers awrah best to ye !!

Neville's kid was on fire..........There was about 60 other kids in this marching band but im claiming this as a one man band....This kid ruled

I forgot to mention . Today is the St Patricks day parade. I think only America celebrates this holiday and i also think its the only day the city of Newport gets the green light (literally) to absolutely destroy everything in its path. Like a green tsunami or a kermit colored swarm of locusts , 1000s and 1000s of people come to Newport and 5 million green beers are drunk. Its completely bananas. At 10am everybar is overflowing and the streets are packed thick like New Orleans on mardi gras. Shite i dont even know what the hell mardi gras is either. St Paddys has something to do with snakes leaving an island ,blacking out , puking , pissing in public , fighting and paying $20 bucks to get into a shitty bar....(that last point is extrememly important to the St Paddys day theme. Must be an ancient old tradition)

Anyways the above photo has nothing to do with anything . Its just a bunch of old codgers driving toy cars while wearing red fez's. Makes total sense right !!

Beatrice freezing her shamrocks off on the chilly streets of Publin

Everyone talks shit on clowns. They totally deserve it too.......

I took this photo in 1978.

The Providence Luftwaffe

I ran into Wynn and Colby. Two perfect storms at 11am

The Englishman, The Irishman, The Scotsman and The Welshman were in a pub together drinking beer when a fly fell into each of The four glasses. The Englishman threw his beer away. The Irishman picked out The fly and drank The beer. The Welshman threw away his beer but ate The fly. The Scotsman drank his beer but sold his fly to The Welshman.

Heres 2 photos of Wynn's arse. Happy St Patrick's day everyone .................

Parades filled with randoms rule . I feel anyone who goes to work in a costume is welcome to march through town in the procession.

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman took part in an international competition to see who had The greatest ability to endure foul smells. Each of them had to share a cage for as long as possible with an extremely smelly goat. The Irishman lasted three minutes, The Scotsman lasted four minutes. Then The Englishman went, in and after five minutes The goat came out.

Square go's number one fans..........

Today was epic run in day. Taylor and Samantha and their amigo who's sleep standing in the middle of the Irish riot.

Hows this geezer gonna drink? Most impractical costume of the day.

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman were accosted by a mugger. The Englishman handed over his money but The Irishman said to The Scotsman 'here's that £100 I owe you'.

That does it for my first roll of film in the last decade. Wallmart lost the other one but stay tuned for that big unfocused mess.

More shite n bollocks coming soons