The last few days in 2013.

Learned quite a lot this year. Was an rollercoaster 365 days !! Onward march !!

Most epic chicane in Los Angeles. I've always wanted to use that word. Today i can !!

This moody cow in front of us lived up to her hat. She was pissin and moanin to her pals the whole way up. When we overtook this mumpy asshole and her posse her face looked like she was chewin on some wasps.

Manute , Watson and Spanky on the path that leads to the Tree of the Dead

Barbeques tongue grew to the size of those inflatable chutes on planes when they crash land in water.

We walked towards the Tinder tower. This is the mountain top headquarters for all online speed dating ............

Im going to stand right next to the radio active towers and vaporise 2013 from my brain.................

2014 is gonna be year of the boxing glove !!