Shoe givaways sent the crowd into a rabid frenzy. Tricks for kicks. Kids did stunts around the park to win some Pumas in every color possible.

After today everyone in South Central is wearing Pumas or theyre trading sneakers for suped up mini bikes and go carts at the local pawn shop.

Nick killed it all day. Real epic to see this manny. He's bigger than when saw him last. I think he eats 5 whole chickens stuffed with 35 egg whites and a side of 20 avocados every day. He tore up the park and awarded Pumas to dozens of young bucks who threw themselves down handrails and ramps.

All the kids who showed up ripped .

Beanies are big out here in 90 degree weathers. Hopefully the shoes will keep him cool.

Jesus tie dying his shoelaces up .

I love the studious white G throwing up signs. Malibus most wanted got shoes.

I met so many epic kids today. So many stories about growing up in LA.

Im a fan of straw hats. Me and this guy discussed the latest in wicker basket head fashions and we both came up agreeing that the 7/11s in the valley have the best hats !!

Puma are going to have to add a size run into their clothing line M L XL and XTRA NICK.

Today is a good friday.

Puma are doing it right . Its all the styles we used to skate 20 years ago. Clydes and States and Suedes. From the days of LoveChild skate video. Seeing all these shoes again brought back memories of skating Bristo square in Edinburgh where it all began for me. It was bizarre to be in the middle of South Central Los Angeles and think back to all the friends i grew up skating with in Scotland so far away. Those days were the best.

After the demo ended and the sun started to go down i said cheerio to everyone and headed off to get the bus home. The walk back was a whole different experience. The entire neighborhood had woken up , now that it was almost 7pm. There were people sitting on every porch i walked by. This time the walk was way more intense. It was apparent i was not welcome anymore. I could hear people calling for me as i casually cruised along. Inside i was starting to wonder exactly what i was going to do if shite hit the fan out here. I made it out of the dense streets and onto the main road and waited by the side of the road like a giant white scottish billboard that read "EASY AS FUCK TARGET" . Cars going by all slowed down and some people yelled at me. It was fucked. I prayed to the Metro Transport gods and to the gods of all traffic lights to make the bus come soon. I looked down the long straight road into the smog shimmering horizon. I did not see the orange spaceship that would carry me home from this barren alien landscape.

I decided to sit on the curb and maybe that logic would make me look smaller and more invisible. That didnt really work to plan because across the intersection were 6 guys hanging inside a car wheel lot. All staring at me. 2 had grey silver pitt bulls on chains and they all looked as far from busy as they could possibly be. I kept relaxed and just hung out on my curb. I was safe cos id remembered i was wearing my invisible cloak made from the finest Scottish wool. Theyd never see me in this . I guess i was wrong. After a few minutes , 2 of the 6 guys started walking across the road towards me. The dread set in and i continued looking down the street for the bus coming , while being fully aware of my welcoming commitee coming closer. As the two guys approached i remained sitting on the red curb. The first guy walked right up in front of me , and without saying a word his accomplice walked right around and stood behind me , so close i could feel his sneaker toe touching my tee shirt. The guy behind me didnt say a word but the first guy spoke up.

This was our exchange -

Guy with weed leaf tattoo on neck and LA written under his eye - YO DWAG YOU FROM UCLA?

Me still sitting down loooking up - NO WHATS THAT? IM FROM SCOTLAND

Usually that line throws people for a loop , such a geographical curveball it gets me out of most scrapes. Somehow it always leads back to Braveheart and we end up chuckling about William Wallace n shit.

Well NOT TODAY. Ol William Wallace got no clout down in South Central........ Fuckin A!!!!!


With a nervous chuckle that somehow slipped through my lips i replied - HAHA NO ITS A COUNTRY. ITS FAR AWAY OVER THE OCEAN.

This seemed to piss him off further. Like his brain couldnt comprehend my answers. Meanwhile the guy behind me hadn't said a word the entire time. I figured sitting on the ground inbetween these two maniacs was not a good spot to be in so i stood up real slow and turned my back onto oncoming traffic. Now facing both of them while the other 4 are across the street on my left. The silent guy had even more face and head tattoos than his speaking buddy. He just stared at me like a predator does just before a kill in all those nature documentaries i grew up on. I knew the patterns all too well.

Then the first guy said something kinda out there and creepy - YO DAWG , YO CHECK IT , IF THE 3 OF US WAS ON A DESERT ISLAND YOUD BE THE FIRST TO GO.

His bizarre statement was topped by the finger cutting off the neck gesture. I honestly had no idea what to reply. It was almost too left field even for me.


As the words "bus comes" left my mouth i turned my head and looked over my shoulder down the busy street and saw that a bus was about 45 seconds away from us. I've never been so bloody happy to see a shitty ass bus in my life. I turned back around and figured this would be the moment id get battered to the ground or shot for the $10 on me and all my gear taken but the two guys stepped back on the curb and just stared at me without saying a word. The bus pulled up and i tried to jump through the doors before they parted. Im mega skinny so i got inside before most regular adults would be able to cram in. The bus was packed and every single passenger stared as i flew up and into the bus almost landing on the drivers lap. I didnt even have my tokens ready. It was a fuckin scene. I paid and stood next to the driver. All the seats were taken and the hand that wasn't holding onto the bus was shaking so hard i couldnt stop it . I had to put it in my pocket . I was so relieved to be inside the bus. My two desert island chums stared at me as the bus pulled away. I have no idea what wouldve gone down if this bus was 5 minutes later.

Today was a reminder of how quick things can change in a huge city like Los Angeles.

Everything was all good though. A seat opened up for me and i sat on the long ride home and just stared out the window.

It made me think about if i was back in Scotland in my neighborhood and a guy from South Central was wandering about i'd go out and say hello and invite him in for a cup of tea. For over 80 blocks on the bus ride home i pondered why its not like that here..................

Made me sad in the end !!