By 9am the heat is fearsome

By noon is straight up towering infernos...........

Magical door scenes down in Venice beach

A young outdoorsman sleeps under the palms.

Click and drag

Back door at Supreme

Cashew is the raddest wee chap. He wriggles constantly cos hes so stoked.

El Matador beach

This poor model has lost her photo crew in the shipwreck.

Archie and Wee Jimmy just muckin about on the rocks ............

This cormorant literally fell out of the sky right in front of us. I watched him crash land on the beach like a plane whos propellors all shit the bed. Poor wee critter bounced as he hit the sand. He got up all dazed and wandered around like Ray Charles at a house party. As he hopped around in circles i walked up to him so close i could touch his feathers. I think he was still seeing tweety birds and candles above his head. Few minutes later he took off like a drunk driver and headed out to sea.

Im getting good at catching birds .......... Pinchers of Pearl !!