Met up with Bloss Manny from the landscaper chronicles

He had the LL Bean death innertube

Into the wild - headfirst


After smashing our faces and pummeling our swingers into the icey mountain slope we went to explore the Fort on the other side of the hill.........


This place is aces

Gettin my Indiana Jones on ...........Temple of Doom time

Short Round: "Feels like I step on fortune cookie! "

Indiana Jones: "Stay behind me, Short Round. Step where I step, and don't touch anything. "

Later we found a killer private golf course to destroy with our sleds and our pretty gay but awsome LL Bean donut

As i type this post - Superfan just called up Tooth and Weib's radio show The metal Inquisition in New York City. He calls up to promote his zine that he doesnt have a name for yet ......Pricless shit !!! Im sitting over here dying ......losing it ....incredible radio antics .......cheers lads !! Killer show tonight.

This has nothing to do with the photo of the frozen golf course tree ...........