Couldnt sleep so i got up monstrously early and started wandering around Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Strip with all the other zombies and hookers

Met all kinds of characters. It was a strange hour of the day. No cars on the streets but so many different people milling about.

Jose had a long night and could bearly keep his eyes open. He was long blinking for almost minutes at a time. We had a good jibber jabber though inbetween his standing naps

The real Sherriff of Noddingham

Huey Lewis and the Snooze

Outdoorsman everywhere out here. This guy had Blue Oyster Cult playing on his wee radio when i walked by.

Motley Crue have logged many hours in this noody joint

This is where all the sidewalk survivalists get their blades and shivs sharpened.........

This is Dwain from Oklahoma. Caught him mid workout in front of the Hollywood gym. He's been living on the streets of Los Angeles for over 4 years. He told me he loves it , also told me he'd take me to Jack Nicholson's house for a buck. We talked about all kinds of shite then i left when he started talking about aliens. That's a surefire moment to leave. Jay Dog told me something later that made sense......all the crazies in Hollywood dont think there crazy at all. He's totally right !!

After swimming upsteam on Skid Row i hopped over to mini Hong Kong

At 6.45am , Mann's theatre was teeming with bus loads of fantastic Asians. The doors opened and it was like an instant digital camera firing squad.........

Dave Lopan hung back while his whole crew photographed every slab of sidewalk

Pow pow pow pow pow pow .....pow ..........pow ..........................pow !!

It was at this moment i pretty much woke up properly. The Mandarin camera snipers were in full tiltmodes

I have no idea what these chaps eat for breakfast over in Chinalands but America needs to get onboard. Insane early morning kung fu sessions infront of the Jackie Chan star

Mental Orientals

Ol Jackie Boy

This guys morning job was to clean up the Mickey Mouse's before the place opened up. He had an array of tools to remove all the gum , graffiti , beer and other messes Mickey had aquired throughout the night. he said every morning he cleans off something different . who knew Mickey would be such a magnet for shite

7am , red carpets getting rolled out

Anthony Hopkins aint doing so well after the blistering success of Wolfman. He's definately gonna have sand tongue from basking in the rising LA sun

While the outdoorsmans of LA sleep , the rest of the city goes to work.

I love this place!!