Here is a few photographs of some great Shep moments

One morning Sid and myself saw Shep running in the rain dressed like a gatorade bottle

Shep leading his fans to a red bull convention

Best buddies at Doris Dukes

The Chocolate Punisher outfit

The OWB work camp program. Muscle beach

A true gentleman

Shep's pro board

The limo driver , the minister and the pirate

Huge part of the gang

The Nodfather gets ready for his after lobster nappetite.

Sidewalk antics with the crew

The day Shep was awarded "surf instructor of the year" by the Waterbrother family. He recieved an icey cold red bull

I caught Shep asleep during his watch at the OWB foxhole

Shep Boyardee

Our version of the Columbus day parade

Never a dull moment on the University of Waterbrothers campus ..........