Today is Shep's funeral. The service was at St Lucys church. 10 of the Waterbrothers were given the honor of being Shep's pallbearers. It was an incredibly emotional morning.

The weather was very still this day and the sky was doing unusual things . Lots of vapor trails and mist. It was cool.

Shepper's tower standing tall.

The Un-Health Inspector , The Square Go's janitor and the Long Hair

Staples , Blackage and Ecuadors

New supergroups were formed right there on the cliffwalk.

After the funeral we all went over to The Pitt and in traditional Waterbrother style we celebrate life through rock n roll music.

Package belts out some Iggy Pop with Slash on guitar and Chris Mess on the drums.

Full volume is all we know .............

Shep was buried today with a Waterbrother admiral hat proudly resting on his coffin.