Big tuesdays in the city of lost dogs ...........

Today i learned "Radio Shack" loosely translates to "place where dodgy punters and drug dealers get electronics" . Pretty much anything you need to stay under the radar while keeping in contact with your cronies is all under one roof. Cell phones , walkie talkies , police scanners everything is here. I gave the name Keith Moon (again) and came out with a smart phone in under 2 minutes. Radio Shack rules !!

Vasquez Rocks in Malibu . So many movies have been filmed here . Captain Spock strolled around here with ol Kirky and Bill and Ted hung with Mr Death here. Place is awsome .

Its total Bonanzas out here.

One man and his dog ................

One man and his dog and his wee brother and his cousin .


This scene holding up traffic on a small country road was rather disturbing. The desert witch sitting in the cart scared me . Her pointy witch boots were almost stabbing the mini ponys arse. I wanted to free the little pigmy horse from his nightmarish life.

Later that afternoon we had a Hawaiian pig roast on the beach. We couldnt find a pig so we slow roasted a sealion. The meat was delicious.

Cooking out with Pappas and Johnny Utah.

Boys of Summer kookbook volume 1 - Out now.