Jimmy Cliff's new album "rebirth" produced by Rancid's Tim Armstrong is really good . Feel good album of the year. Well worth a listen.


The summer haze down on Bannisters wharf burns slowly over the chowder factorys

Farmers all over France are locking up their daughters today. Harry is coming to visit for a few months. Bon voyage manny.

Swanson Swayzak bought a convertible RV gas monster

Even the best child workers at the WB sweatshop need 10 minute siestas before going back into the t shirt dungeons

Hidden cambodias. Nuggatron fields

Ran into the sickest not Puerto Rican moped gang from Providence. These dudes are from the Dominican . The real deal . Twisty spokes and katana blades everywhere. Ive never seen Honda passports so boss hogged .

These machines were bananas. Sounded like a formula one race track when they all fired up.

Hell is hot but Africa is hotter right now. Sleepless nights in Little Brazil ..........