Heres a trip from last year . Was for ID magazine's lifestyle section but didnt end up making it to print ........ so here it is ........

Welcome to Santa Pod raceway ............

The world famous quarter mile track is located in Podington , England . Europe's first permanent drag racing venue. It was built on a disused Second World War air base , once used by the 92nd Bomber Group. The drag racing venue opened in 1966, and it is now the home of European drag racing and has grown substantially over its 40-year existence.

I rolled up with the crew from Outlaw Street Car Club ............. The OS Boys are complete heavy metal speed maniacs and it was an honor to hang with them for the weekend.

Dez is a full on madman . Best dude ever . Non stop antics and one liners . Here he pushes his atom bomb machine up to the starting line...........

Shirtless Gary (another proper maniac gentleman) rolls his vintage pontiac along the tarmac towards the launch pad.

Dez lighting it up on a practice run . The ferocity of these cars is absolutely insane . The wheels scream like a fighter jet on a bombing run while the inside of the car fills up thick with smoke. Pit crew members run in and clear the smoke out by rapidly fanning the car doors. While the driver is encased in his cockpit ready for blast off . Its so fuckin mental to watch . You can taste and feel the burn of the gasoline and rubber and seering tarmac as these machines explode down the track

Backstage dress rehersals

Meet Cody. We became good friends over this weekend. We spoke of many things . One day he hopes to race down the quarter mile track.......... and i believe he will !!!!

Fine tuning and beers

Tribal speed

This young buck takes a breather between races

Outlaw Street - Car number 11 from 1954

More skidmarks here than on the race track ...............