The Waterbrothers Surf Classic Contest at 2nd Beach.........

Amazingly there were waves and clear skies

Pope John Package had the crowd in hysterics all day. White Flavor Flav was on fire . Insane wordsmith and wisecracks !!

The 5th Ward peanut gallery - Murder for Hire and Benny Dead

Tee and Jellyroll

Miguel gets the Human Foghorn to sound off the contest

Legends division

Wee kids waiting for the inflatable babysitter to blast off

Jimmy Underwood in his granny's swimcap

Package and the Danchaks

Worthen gets punked for his lunch money...........

Shredders Olivia , JJ and Darren the Dude

Superstar Joe Caruso is my neighbor. He's in the toughest fight of his life against cancers. He's a total ripper and is going to beat this disease.......Total pillar of strength !!

Kevin the Kop wishes this was a giant beer

Epic mannys were getting Henna Montana'd

Vienne flew in from the shores of Colorado for the contest......

Big Tim helicoptered in from the Ocean Drive for his heat

Im claiming this is the first surf photo in WB history of Big Tim getting some foamy edgers..........

Tall Rob and Skip

When asked if he was entering the contest Aquil answered "Yah im surfing in the niggaz cant swim division !!"


Contest ruled . The Original Waterbrothers.............huge thank you to everyone who helped out and donated !!