It's saturday noche at the Cha Cha funhouse with the hombres

Rock me Amadreas and Man Whalan

The Beerhunta, Monster Child Lucy , Mandreas and Greyfriars Bobby

Its AA time with the Jeffersons

Party party party

Ray is the best dude ever. Im so jealous of his mustache too

Jeanine , Lucy and Rox

Yesssssssssssssssss. Beer beer beer beer

Lil Wayne's sister needs some face tattoos and the other bird needs to give Ghengis his waistcoat back

Nate blows things up for a living. He pretty much blows shit up non stop. High quality cat right here

I dont remember one song that the lads played. Not one . I just drank pint after pint of nomemory beers

Rox has mega amounts of dance moves

Roxy Music and Suitcase Hell

Ray is the sickest cat. He's the ultimate chiller. Homie just stood motionless while the hens literally bent over backwards all around him.

Pretty much from these photos onwards someone else was operating my body and other functions.

"Blackouts for all my freinds!!!!"

I bloody hope my face wasnt frozen like this during my blackout. Philip is absolutely ruling in this photo. He's fully nuzzling Jeanine. Stand up spooning. Either that or he's smelling her shoulder. Fantastic moves from the young centre forward.

Mexican tornado and the Jefferson's

Smily Cyrus and Da Brat's Aunt

Theres zero lounging at Cha Cha's. It's total speedway drinking.

Best times. Left plasterd and in so many pieces. Somehow made it to my leather bed unharmed.

Cheerio everyone , ello eyelids