Deep in uncharted lands...........

Apocalypse Right Now

Epic banter and story sessions in the Falcon's Lair

Mini Wombats

I got no wit for this photie of Mini Wombats nice wee straw hat.........

"is that a dead cat down there?"

What is "catch the jim beam" for 500 please !!

Heaps of great sacrificing alters up here. Tons of room to swing a good sword ...........

Larry David Head always brings a smile to my face

Coopers enjoying the clean country air

Tooth munches as the sun sets over Ass Blud rock ............. the graffiti here is of top notch calibers. There was also a swastika rock , a smell the glove rock and a ton of dick tits with epic blue veiners and short n curlys rocks everywhere


Tooth luring a ravenous Henry to the edge of the abyss with some smart food

Summer vacation is the absolute bee's knee's