Over the years my dad has sent me postcards from his various adventures from all over Europe and especially the Highlands of Scotland.....but he also sends me a ton of cards from art exhibitions and photography shows hes attended. Since i can remember hes always been one step ahead in music and art.......constantly feeding me new bands and artists that hadnt hit the big time at that time........He has a keen eye for new sounds and is always seeking out new local painters and photographers..........

I owe so much of how i live day to day to my pops...I dont get to see enough of him....hes a fantastic character with great stories........

Heres a few of my favorite cards ive found in my mailbox over the years .....

Turkey by Martin Parr

No Diving Ad for Anadin Extra

Das Stolze Fohlen by Renee Sintenis

Healing of a Lunatic Boy by Stephen Conroy

Miss Stenhousemuir by James McDonald

Croatian Militiaman attacking Muslims Bosnia by James Nachtwey

Venice by Peter Blake


This next one is by far my favorite ....makes me think of traveling

Zorba the Greek Anthony Quinn By Sam Shaw