Out in the desert town of Perris for a few days with Cristian the Deus crew

One night in Perris ..................

As the sun rose and burned off the freezing desert temperatures i watched the water truck wet down the dust on the oldest race track in America

Young buckaroos wait for the green light to chuck some revs and go apeshit all day !!

This place went from sub zeros to towering infernos way before the scrambled eggs n bacon were ready.

7am and Cristian is asleep at the wheel. In the night we borrowed a neighbor's washer dryer drum to make a pit fire , once that burned out we slept in the support truck that doubled as a butchers locker. It was so bloody cold sleeping in there. I felt like a frozen Scottish leg of lamb when i woke up !!

Julians bomber , all ready for the battlefield .

Im a huge fan of Nevin's bike . This thing is the bee's knees !!

Power guzzling before the race

An English werewolf in Perris

All the top mannys branded Cristian's horse

Nicko's epic getaway sticks !!

This thing bloody rules .................

Part two ~ In a wee jiffy me ol son .............