Wake up - roll to work - find weird shite inbetween work - zzzzzzzzzz - repeat

Found the most awsome hood rabbit while biking through Little Brazil

I named my new street pal - Raberto . I was able to pet him as he munched away on some punters lawn. Within minutes neighborhood cats and crows started circling, eyeing up the tasty pure white snack. I tried to wrangle Raberto out of danger but i lost him in the favelas. He seemed like a pretty street smart rabbit so i wasnt worried as i biked off, real late for work

Marines beach

Found evidence of spaceships landing out on the Ocean Drive. Unusual grass patterns caused by landing gear way beyond our technology.

I cant tell which wheel i like more..........

Storms out to sea

Storms on land.......

Full Time-Part Time turned 47 the other night. Happy Birthday Cooper.