Found an old stack of ace vintage photos.............

Mexican Package - taken at 6am in a motel in Los Angeles. Note the cobra skin boots.......I remember this night to be extremely mental and violent. Somehow we both survived !!

Legends Dennis the Cabbie and the Mayonnaise Monster share a moment at the old WB shop on Memorial Blvd

Weibust aka Mortal Wombat raising the flag at the newly built Jamestown park

Promotional shot for Waterbrothers when we were sentenced to live on Broadway.........Kiko , Me and Mexico with a young Curious George on the sidelines

5th Ward Allstar Eamon Kelly shifty's his way down Bellevue Avenue

Chauncey of the Sk8 Mafia crew in San Diego takes a wee breather in front of Hamlets in Pacific Beach

Weibs takes out the trash in style ..........

More rolls of film coming in the soon time ...i found a whole grip of gems and treats !!