Buddy the Elf's - tour of New York continue ...........

After the Lollipop Forest we crossed the Lake of Frozen Tears on our way to see the wizard.

"Where Eagles Dare" is my favorite World War Two movie. This castle reminded me of it so much. I can totally picture Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton climbing up the rockface dodging the Nazis

Everything in central Park was so quiet and tranquil almost sleepy with the amount of snow that fell ......All that ended when i climbed over this peak................

Every single human under the age of 12 in Manhattan was here on some form of sled and in the most rediculous day glow snow suits. It was mental. Hundreds of kids were going apeshit. Full on Home Alone mode. While kids foamed at the mouths on the slopes , all the high strung parents on the sidelines yelled pretty much non stop at anyone under 4 feet tall. Man , kids get yelled at a lot. Tough scene.

Everything ruled. Total carnage on the mountain. Mass pile ups at the bottom. Parents literally fishing their kids out by limbs. Here Jerry Seinfeld's kid get pummeled by Robert de Niro's kid while Kevin Bacons nephew knees Russell Simmon's kid in the neck. I loved every second of it . I wasnt leaving until there was a riot.

Then out of no where the Emperor from Return of the Jedi cross country skied across the slope while wearing an entire outfit made from dead marmots. It was fantastic. He didn't give a toss about the 900 screaming children running about daft dressed like glowsticks at all. He just calmly skied through looking like king shit in his roadkill suit. So great !!!

Saw an undercover narc disguised as Little miss Riding Hood. Or maybe she really was just some old bird waiting to get eaten by a wolf.

Took us a while to remove the icicles from the area where Higgin's balls used to be .